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Fall 2018 Schedule

Turn the Tide Single Day Workshop: Harrisonburg, VA

Our Turn the Tide Single Day Workshop was developed as an abbreviated version of the 3-night weekend retreat, and specifically designed to be accessible and timely for anyone interested in the values-work we offer, but may not have the time to commit to a full weekend away.   Participants in this single-day workshop will work through a series of guided meditations and reflections, workshop activities, group discussions and practical planning in order to identify what’s most important to them in their lives, jobs and relationships, and create real-life tools, develop practical at-home action-plans, and design daily/periodical routines, rituals and practices that are customized to suit the lifestyle they truly desire.

Upcoming Dates

Saturday, October 13th 9am-6pm

Saturday, November 17th 9am – 6pm

Costs and Benefits

The Turn the Tide Single Day Workshop is $125

Each single-day session includes 9 hours of instructional and group study, as well as mind-body-breath connection exercises and a 1-hour lunch break.  Participants of our Turn the Tide Single Day Workshop will:

1. Identify and clearly define their personal values.

Through a series of independent and group exercises, participants have found clarity, direction, inspiration and a sense of purpose that assists them in the next steps – designing a life around their values.

2. Design sustainable lifestyle practices based on their values.

From a place of clarity, participants have created meaningful daily schedules, prioritized time with loved ones, and even redefined their role in relationships at home and at work!

3. Explore solutions to obstacles that get in the way of living a values-based lifestyle.

Understanding that implementing new action requires study and practice, participants have used this inquiry to identify people, places, situations and ways of being that may not align with or support their values.


Choose a date below and follow the link to enroll*:

Sunday, August 26th 9am-6pm

Saturday, September 8th 9am-6pm

Saturday, October 13th 9am-6pm

Saturday, November 17th 9am – 6pm

A Testimonial from our most recent Workshop:

“Not only did I get to discover my own values, but I got to learn a lot more about my wife’s values as well, helping me to better understand and communicate with her.  Jen and Lindsay have a true talent for carefully listening, asking probing questions, and helping you uncover aspects of yourself that you might have never known before. They truly understood my situation and offered great suggestions and advice that I appreciated and can apply in my life.  Overall, an incredible weekend and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to make some changes in their lives.” – Ray W.

*Please note that each reserved workshop date has a 4-participant minimum.  If the minimum is not met one week before the date, the workshop will be cancelled and registered participants will have the option to reschedule.