Work With Me

Through private Energy Healing sessions, grounding yoga classes, one-on-one health coaching,  and holistic health workshops and retreats, I help people learn how to connect with and care for themselves in a manner that promotes healing and living a full nourished life.

I understand what it feels like to know, deep down, that something’s out of balance. I know how it is to feel less than whole, like something is missing. And I have experienced feeling totally out of control of my body, without a diagnosis for what’s going on. It can be challenging for the conventional medical field to help us take care of these things, but I am here to help you do just that. Together we’ll take holistic look at your health, exploring how all areas of your life are affecting your wellbeing. And often times all it takes is some simple shifts that have a great impact.

 My work is rooted in Balance, Simplicity, Self-Acceptance, Compassion, Warmth, Curiosity, Individuality, and absolutely Zero Judgement 🙂